Während wir schlafen

Thomas L. Friedman, While you were sleeping, NYTimes, 16.01.2018, über die Entwicklung des Quantum Computers bei IBM.

„“Each time work gets outsourced or tasks get handed off to a machine, “we must reach up and learn a new skill or in some ways expand our capabilities as humans in order to fully realize our collaborative potential,” McGowan said.

Therefore, education needs to shift “from education as a content transfer to learning as a continuous process where the focused outcome is the ability to learn and adapt with agency as opposed to the transactional action of acquiring a set skill,” said McGowan. “Instructors/teachers move from guiding and accessing that transfer process to providing social and emotional support to the individual as they move into the role of driving their own continuous learning.”“

Hier finde ich nicht so sehr die Aussage an sich interessant, sondern die Quelle. Und die Betonung darauf, dass dieser „shift“ nicht von Learning Professionals postuliert wird, sondern von den Entwicklern der nächsten Generation von Computern, deren Prototypen bereits arbeiten.